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Seize the chance to make a meaningful impact on Europe’s Business Events sector through BEFuture’s Call for Best Practices. We’re on the lookout for groundbreaking projects or initiatives that align with innovation, sustainability, digitalisation or resilience, offering fresh perspectives that can be applied to the business events sector.

Submit your applications by March 30, 2024 and be part of the positive change!

Apply here

The selected (up to 10) Best Practices will be showcased at IMEX Frankfurt in May. Join us in shaping the future of business events – your innovative ideas could be the key to transforming the industry!

Be part of the transformative wave in Europe’s Business Events sector by participating in the BEFuture Call for Best Practices! Take this opportunity to share your projects and experiences, inspiring others and contributing to a future that's more sustainable, resilient, and innovative.

This is more than a call – it's your opportunity to present and showcase your project, playing a pivotal role in shaping the industry's future. We're looking for groundbreaking initiatives that align with the Tourism Transition Pathways: sustainability, digitalisation, resilience and more.

The call launches on February 1, 2024, and the deadline for submissions is March 30, 2024.

Why apply?

Do you have an innovative project or initiative connected to sustainability, digitalisation or human capital, specifically tailored for the business events industry or with potential applications to it?

Sharing your innovation can shape and potentially revolutionise Europe's Events sector, contributing to sustainability, resilience, and planetary well-being. This is your chance to set a global standard for responsible, inclusive, and impactful events.

Who can apply?

Organisations operating within Europe owning a project that fulfils the criteria having a direct or indirect impact in the BE industry in Europe. This could be a great opportunity for startups and SMEs and also to non-profit organisations, public administrations, foundations and private citizens. Join us in making a difference in the events landscape.

What is eligible?

  • Discover if your initiative fits the bill for the BEFuture Call for Best Practices: Practices that support or could support measuring, minimising, and eliminating the negative environmental, social, and economic impacts of events. 
  • Focussed on European tourism-related initiatives (leisure, business events, hospitality, etc.) like products, services, experiences, technological tools, labels or certification schemes.  
  • Existing tools and solutions that can help SMEs measure carbon footprint, reduce carbon impact, and offset remaining carbon. 
  • Technology solutions based on AI, Big Data, IoT, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Gamification, etc., which have been applied or could function to improve the BE experience, the BE sector, and or the destination. 
  • Social initiatives that improve aimed at improving inclusion, equity, well-being or social (in)justice. 
  • Practices that showcase unique partnerships that improve psychological, social, urban or economic welfare: exemplary ways of collaborating or working together that have a positive impact
  • Practices and alliances connecting professionals and institutions to improve the BE industry, innovation, smart concepts.

If you believe you have a good practice but you don’t see it described in the previous examples, contact us and let’s figure out if it is eligible at

Benefits to enter

Visibility for your project and organisation
The Best Practices will be presented at various events and gain international visibility.
All Best Practices will be digitally available on this platform.
All Best Practices will be published in a compendium available to the BEFuture community and presented to the European Commission as part of a deliverable.
A selection of the top Best Practices will be presented at IMEX Frankfurt 2024 in a live on-stage session.
International recognition and positioning as sustainable / responsible / innovative organisation.

Economic value
You will become part of the Business Event Ecosystem (community), providing network and business opportunities, creating competitive advantage.

But also...
The Best Practices will provide a basis for designing a capacity and training programme on innovation, digitalisation and sustainability for the BE sector.
The Best Practices will serve as an inspiration to a wide audience.
Participation in the call is completely FREE.

Let’s dive in on how to present your project!

Step 1 : Choose your category of submission.

The Best Practice should be submitted under one of the following 18 submission categories. One organisation can apply multiple times if they would like to present several projects in different categories. The same initiative cannot be submitted to more than one category.

If you are having trouble deciding, contact us at

Here they are:

  • 1. Energy
  • 2. Food
  • 3. Water
  • 4. Waste
  • 5. Transport / Mobility
  • 6. Regenerative
  • 7. Carbon neutral
  • 8. Circular
  • 9. Hybridisation
  • 10. Experience / Event format
  • 11. Networking and business
  • 12. Content management
  • 13. Personalisation
  • 14. Partnerships
  • 15. Inclusion, Diversity & Accessibility
  • 16. Skills & capacity
  • 17. Inter-generational
  • 18. Economic and social impact

Step 2 : Download and fill in the presentation template.

We would like you to explain your project and organisation: it’s objectives, scope, target audience, results, team and expertise. In order to do so we provide you with a ppt template that you need to fill in with your project details.

Download the template

Follow the indications of the template and also:

  • BE creative! Try to convey your message to the world and the impact that the project is having or could have with your unique approach.
  • BE clear! Try to summarise and visualise the concepts that you are providing. Effective presentations are straight on.
  • BE confident! There are many possible products, services and ideas that could spark an innovation drive in the Business Events industry. Try your luck and don’t hesitate to contact us for any doubt!

Step 3 : Submit your Project using the following form

Applications are open from February 1, 2024 until March 30, 2024.

Apply now

Evaluation Criteria

Projects will be assessed based on innovation, impact, value, transferability, contribution to SDGs, adherence to Tourism Transition Pathways, ownership, and timing.

Check the table below for the evaluation criteria :



Best practices come from spotting what's missing or needed, sparking a change that shakes things up in how we do business or act, keeping up with the latest industry shifts and societal demands.

These practices are relevant across the board but they're especially cool when they bring something fresh and valuable to the table for those in the business event game.

It's all about how these smart moves roll with the punches, staying in step with the ever-changing scene.



Best practices show real benefits for those involved, whether it's the event planner, participants, or partners in the broader community, including government, academia, business, local residents, and the environment.

They really make a difference in enhancing people's skills and abilities.

They consider how to make things easy and possible for everyone to get involved.

They have clear ways to track and show the positive effects that business events have.



A best practice is driven by a clear purpose.

It puts people's needs first, ensuring it's valuable to them.

It's eco-conscious, respecting Earth's limits.

It aims for a thriving future.

It opens doors for growth and expansion.

It tracks success through satisfaction, business results, and return on investment (ROI) metrics.



The best practice is a learning tool that can enlighten and share insights.

It includes lessons with a global perspective.

It’s adaptable, meant to resonate with and be applicable to a wide audience.

It can be applied across various industries.

It creates a lasting impact on the future of Business Events and their locations.

The innovation's narrative can be shared both online and through in-person interactions.


5. SDGs





  • The best practice has a direct link with Europe  
  • The best practice is relevant and contemporary (launched/designed after 2020) 




The deadline for applications is March 30, 2024. Eligible proposals will be reviewed by the Evaluation Committee, with selected Best Practices presented at IMEX Frankfurt in May.  

Don't miss this chance to showcase your project and contribute shaping the future of Business Events in Europe.

Selection Committee Experts

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